The Randomness That is Me!!

Listening to: Janet Jackson featuring Nelly -- I really need to take that song off my page it is annoying me to hell.
Song of the week: Usher's Love in the This Club. I love, love this song. It is so catchy.
Musical confession: I like the Teletubbies intro song. How dumb is that, but those with kids know. LOL
Choice of lipgloss today: Dreamy lipglass
Makeup: I have bought so much this week.. Let me mention the eyeshadows: Arena, Stars N Rockets(a good dupe is Reckless from H.I.P); Stomp; Fig. 1
Beauty product of the day: Fix + ( This stuff is the truth).
On my nails: Sinful Colors Tokoyo Doll . Next- Sinful Colors in Fiji (Very Deep Purple Shimmer).
Fragrance: Carols Daughter Almond Cookie is the truth!!!
Surprise product of the day: MAC Full Cover Foundation.. Who knew.
You should know: The Strobe Collection is up on MAC's site. I will let you know if it is worth getting after I come back from the Pro store.
Thoughts on makeup: I am so damn tired of having to wear atleast 2 foundation colors. In the pics I have on my blog are experiments in foundation that I have tried recently. Make Up Forever made me look muddy and the list goes on.
Shows that kept me glued to the tube: Best Dance Crew, Making the Band 4 (I love Dawn and Q together)
What's going on with you ladies today?
Upcoming posts: Strobe Cream Review MAC Prep N Prime Eye Review

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LOL! Girl how you gonna get tired of your own music player! It is funny cause it does surprise me sometimes because it doesn't start right away for me.
I'm hoping to be able to hit up riteaid to get some more HIP stuff....I think they were the one that was having the sale LOL!

Oh and I'm representing Trini today!!!!!

March 6, 2008 at 10:22 AM
yummy411 said...

hey sey sey! did you get my email? i thought i sent you one. we should do this every now and again. i love reading about people. feel free to add any random facts or anything going on with you that you'd like to share.

please i don't mind if you have commnets on stuff. i like reading them and you better believe i can come right over here and type a novel!! (we really need a chatroom)

ok where do i start? yes that song makes me wanna find me a piece at the club, just for a little fun the get over it and come back to reality LOL. ummmm sey, i love (can deal with) hanna, pheneus and ferb, drake and josh, higgley town heroes, barney, scooby doo, but there is one thing that i've stuck to and that was my word that i wouldn't let my child watch teletubbies. LOL oh well, we all have our shows. love fix+. i need to check out some sinful colors as well as china glaze. what shade is tokyo doll? i have yet to smell the infamous almond cookie scent. i want some full cover, stick, hyperreal, and face and body foundation. slowly but surely, i'll acquire these items. i read on specktra that the strobe collection wasn't worth it. yes i love to see that south crunk booty popping a(choreographed!) that in living color did. yes the courtship between dawn and Q is so adorable! okay.. my bet is that prep and prime is like concealer...... ??

March 6, 2008 at 10:41 AM
nywele said...

Hello. I loved reading this post. I am swinging by MAc on monday and I have a mile long of products to try and Stars n' rockets is in the list. I am writing about Carol's Daughter almond cookie next week....i love that fragrance!
i am also loving America Best Dance Crew: I am cheering for Kaba Modern and Jabba. Making the band 4 is hilarous...they have 2 songs on youtube that are not bad. Q and Dawn are adorable!

March 7, 2008 at 10:36 PM
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