Chapstick True Shimmers

Hey beauties.. I am here to tell you about a new spin to a product we all know and love. Chapstick! Yes I said, Chapstick; something we all have in our purses. Recently, Chapstick added a new line called True Shimmer. Let's get to it.
Very moisturizing
Lips feel moisturized for some time
Very pleasing scent (I actually adore the scents)
Easily attainable ( You can find it in most drugstores)
Very affordable. Price range from $2.99 - $3.99
For women of color, it may have a slight ashy tone to the lips if you use too much
Some colors are too frosty
Overall: I would definitely recommend this product. I keep one on me at all times. One on the bathroom sink, in the purse, and in my pants I wear around the house often. LOL. I know crazy but I like to keep my lips moist.

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