Products that Kicks Eczema Butt!!!!
The Best Eczema-Relief Products

From creams to cleansers, these products truly helped soothe eczema-stricken skin

Whether you have sort-of-itchy, dry skin or out-of-control eczema, readers say these products offer the best relief and, if you're lucky, will keep you out of the doctor's office.

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No. 10: Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Lotion, $6.49 average reader rating: 7.5

"Within about 5 days of using this on his face, the heavy dry spots were …"

No. 9: Vaseline Cocoa Butter Smoothing Body Butter, $5.99 average reader rating: 8.3

"This product is both moisturizing and soothing to my very sensitive skin …"

No. 8: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, $7.99 average reader rating: 8.4

"This is the best stuff for skin problems, irritants. It is exactly what it …"

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