Working as a Makeup Artist

Hey Bella's. Last week, I attended the Makeup Show LA and attended a panel discussion on working in LA. I am aware that most of my readers are not in California, but some of the tips will apply in any market(city).
- Agency: Go around to agencies and try to get on the assistance list..
- Picture: It is best to have an online portfolio, where an agency can see your work during the call. If you happen to go into the agency, bring three pictures of your best work.
- Research: You should research the agency roster before contacting them. For example, if you love A.J. Crimson's work and you want to be an assistant for him, try to get on the assistant list at his agency.
- Persistence: Be persistent, but do not stalk the agency or company.
- Database: Create a contact database of sorts. In this database you want to keep whom you spoke to and what did they tell you. This make it easy when following up.
- Thank You: Sending a thank you note is greatly appreciated according to the panel.
- Ego: The biggest tip of all is leave your EGO at home.

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