Summer Must Have !!! Sunscreen

I go on and on about the beauty must haves for summer, but never going deeper to skincare. Skincare is very important, especially sunscreen. Yes I know, we have a good amount of melanin in our skin, but that is not enough. It is recommended that everyone use an SPF of 35 or higher. Did you know that ultraviolet rays is the single most important contributing factor to aging skin. Which means if you wear no sunscreen; say yes to the following skin issues: wrinkles; hyperpigmentation; and the lists goes on.

Good News. I have a great sunscreen that will offer you protection against UVB/UVA rays. The beauty of this product is that it does not leave that grayish cast to your skin that most sunscreens leave behind. It is oil- free, but yet hydrating at the same time. It does not clog pores, which is great for those of us who have acne-prone skin. Lastly, it has antioxidant ingredients, such as Vitamin E. Let's just say it packed with goodies for your skin. It retails for $25.90 and can be purchased here.
Go online and get it.. Your skin will thank you later.
Se'ymone Approves.

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