Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone, I am so happy to be joining your family & sharing some of my thoughts with you. When my cousin offered me the chance to write about my experiences with beauty, I jumped at the chance. I would like to tell you a little about myself. I am a 29 year old, single mother of two. I am very active person that can't afford to have a "bad anything" day. I have modeled in the past and I am a veteran tennis player. I played tennis when I was in my teens and I modeled in my early twenties. My beauty has always been quick and glam, but Seymone showed me how I can maintain my beauty even with my "on the go" lifestyle. Besides the make up area, I have always been into fitness. I enjoy all different types of exercising. I am not one of those fitness buffs that is able to crack a walnut with my index finger, but I have curves and enjoy maintaining them. If you do the right fitness plans, you can use them in other areas of your life. I am an event planner and I am an airport operations specialist for a certain airline as well. I have to be able to present myself in the best fashion to keep my income coming. I keep myself very busy, but I maintain my hair, clothes, make up, body, & spirit. I would love to give you tips on maintaining your look as well. I will be posting something new very soon. If you want to ask any questions, I am here and I am happy to help. Talk to you soon!

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