Review: Revlon Runway Collection

Hey Bella's... I had the opportunity to review the Revlon Runway Collection. As a first timer user of press on nails, I am impressed. I have used these products on two different occasions. Both occasions, I left the nails on for a week with no adverse reactions. They look very natural and everyone that saw my nails were intrigued that I actually had on press on nails. I would definitely recommend these nails. Go out and purchase a box. On to the review.
Very easy to apply
There is no longer a need to be a slave to the nail salon
Wide variety of nail sizes (I have wide nail beds and I was able to find a size to fit perfectly)
Looks just like a full set
Adjustable (I don't like long nails, so I was able to file down to a size that I was comfortable with)
Long lasting
It is possible to weaken your natural nails
With strenuous activity it is possible for nail to pop off
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a picture of me modeling the nails

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