Get Sexy with SENSA!!!

Hey Bella's, so the holiday season is over and I know that indulging in food has taken place. Am I the only one? I have gain a couple of pounds that needs to be shed immediately. Lol. However I hate dieting and I am a little weak(health issues) to do my normal workout routine at this time. There is a product that caught my eye and it is from a company called Sensa.
How it works is you sprinkle some of the salt like tastants on your food, which send a signal to your brain that it should stop eating. Sprinkling these tastants on your food speeds the signal to your brain that your full. The basis is that you eat what you like just in smaller portion, which cut back on the calories. You never feel like your deprived because your brain is telling you that you are full.
The tastants in Sensa is sodium- free, sugar-free, calorie free, gluten-free, and there are no stimulants, drugs or MSG. According to the website, the product is safe to use, since it work in tandem with your body.
The results on the website are astounding. Some people have lost 53 pounds to date. I don't need to lose that much but you get the idea. I am going to take the plunge and try this product within the next few weeks. If you would like to research the site for yourself, click Here .. There is an offer on the website, where you can try the product for free. I will also provide a discount code within the next couple of days.
Let me know your thoughts....

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