Last Haul for February..

This was my last trip to MAC for some time.. I know I want the beauty powder blushes, so that is the next time I will go. First week in March I believe. So I bought the following: Girl About Town Lipstick Plum Lipliner Pink Poodle Lipglass Pleasing Slimshine Lip Conditioner w SPF 15 Studio Moisture Fix Lotion Studio Tech 227 Brush Fabulush Creme Colour Base

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Mrs. Lynne said...

Nice haul love!

I LOVE Lip Conditioner! That is just a pot of magic for me. I wish I could use Cream Color Bases. They are great for eyeshadows. But I have to pair it with something very dry under or else the colors just swallow up right before my eyes.

February 17, 2008 at 2:39 AM
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