Review: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealor

Bobbi Brown says: a yellow-based Creamy Concealer that instantly camouflages dark circles. The creamy consistency of this concealer ensures that it goes on smoothly, providing full, but natural looking coverage. The formula is filled with skin conditioning ingredients like Vitamin A, which helps minimize the appearance of fine dry lines and wrinkles and Vitamin E, which moisturizes and provides antioxidant protection.
Seymone says: The description says it all really. It is the most creamiest concealor ever, yet the coverage is awesome. I love the fact that it has antioxidants. Loves it. Go out and buy this you wont regret it..

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Amina said...

it's been on my wishlist for a while!! which shade do you recommend?

November 9, 2008 at 10:38 PM
Seymone said...

@Amina: definitely chestnut, will look great..

November 9, 2008 at 10:42 PM
Erin said...

I have this in Honey, but it TOO light. What do you think would suit me better.

November 9, 2008 at 11:08 PM
Seymone said...

@erin: U should always go one shade up on concealor if under eye and if the concealor is darker then ur skin tone use it in areas (outside of under eyes) that have maybe hyperpigmentation. Then ur regular foundation color would neutralize it but from looking at ur FOTDs I dont think u have a hyperpigmentation problem.. We could meet up on a saturday and go to Bobbi Brown's new studio.

November 10, 2008 at 12:50 AM
SuzieC said...

I’m horrible at picking concealers I love my Perscriptives concealer but I swear is too light for me now. What color do you think I should get?

November 10, 2008 at 9:37 AM
Seymone said...

@suziec: hey sis.. Are u using level 5 in the prescriptives concealor? If u decide on bb cosmetics get chestnut concealor.

November 10, 2008 at 9:45 AM
Erin said...

That sounds cool, Seymone! I was going to say we should meet up because I need help when it comes to foundation and concealer. Your foundation always seems to be on point. I would love to check out her studio, I didn't know she had one.

Let's make a date!

November 10, 2008 at 11:39 AM
Seymone said...

@erin: I will email u..

November 10, 2008 at 2:06 PM
AfricanOrchid said...

I'm gettin this.

November 11, 2008 at 12:21 AM
Amina said...

thank you for the recommendation. i was just realizing that my mac concealer is a bit too dark. I will get BB in chestnut as you recommended

November 15, 2008 at 5:02 PM
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