Review: Hair Brushes

I wanted to come and tell you ladies about a few brushes that have made styling and maintaining my hair a breeze.

Hana K. Diamond Wood Oval Cushion Hair Brush $9.98
I love this brush. I use this brush daily to smooth down my edges. What I love most about this brush is that it is not harsh on the hair. It is actually very stimulating to the scalp. This brush is very unique because it has a mixture of natural and nylon bristles.
Brushlab Ceramic Flow Thermal Round Barrel Hair Brush $12.98
This brush is great reducing frizz.. I use this brush every 2 weeks, when I do my at home blow outs. It works great.
Brushlab Pretty Pink Dual Mirror Brush Combo Hair Brush
Everyone knows that I love pink, so this brush fit me perfectly. This brush is very dear to me because it is my weave/wig brush. It detangles wig/weave hair perfectly. This is a must have brush.
Brushlab Fresh Style Hair Brush
This brush is another one that I use daily. I use this brush to comb through the length of my hair. It does not pull or tug out my hair and it detangles like a dream.
Okay my lovely people, I really recommend these brushes. They are awesome and economical. You can find these brushes online at or at Ulta.. Remember, the key to great hair lies within the products you use and your styling tools.

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